Sunday, 14 June 2009

Still on Tolu Ogunlesi

He's got to be the most popular Nigerian youth on the internet. Just google his name. Tolu has won numerous literary awards and has been invited for workshops and seminars and fellowships. He works hard, that one and it is surely paying off. Artsville congratulates Tolu on his achievements and urges other young writers to emulate him. Something I heard Muhtar Bakare say, it isn't neccessarily the most talented that gets published but the one who works the hardest. Whatever you do, don't stop till you get there.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Zik Zulu stands up for Nollywood

Eddie Iroh recently lashed out at Nollywood, Zik Zulu responds to him here. When you live in a glass house,they say you cannot afford to throw stones. It amazes me when other writers criticise Nollywood writers when we know that their works are not any better. I see it so many times on blogville, blogville writers condemning Nollywood writers when they themselves have never been published. If you post your story on a blog, that is not publishing, it's posting. If you think it's that easy and you are that good, go get published!