Thursday, 8 April 2010


Nigerians are mostly known for their can do spirit. Long before Obama started screaming yes, we can, Nigerians were showing that yes we could. That even without electricity supply, we would build a multimillion dollar entertainment industry. With most of us self taught, we used candle lights to write scripts and generators to power equipments and birthed Nollywood. The music guys, with most of them coming from not so porche areas of Lagos produced Tu face, Wande Coal, Psquare, Asha and several others that the world has come to recognise. All these without a health care system, electricity supply, security and sometimes even shelter. Fashion has also grown big, the designers probably used chineese made lamps to sketch their designs and now they walk red carpets in major cities across the globe. Yes, certainly, the young Nigerian has shown that he/she can.

Now in our usual self taught manner, we've taught ourselves new media skills. Probably tired of waiting for publishers, Myne Whitman self published and released her book-A heart to mend- online. A group of bloggers followed suit with a collective work: In my dreams it was simpler. Both books are available for purchase on Amazon.

This goes to show that with a little empowerment, a few more resources made available, an enabling environment and the average young Nigerian can take on the world.
O leaders, that thou hadst ears to hear and eyes to see.

Nollyarts felicitates with these fresh talents and encourages other youths to do something positive not withstanding all the forces against us in this our dear country. Someday, we will overcome.