Monday, 21 June 2010


If you’re looking for the definition of a ‘success story’, Uche jumbo is the person to look at.

Several people said she couldn’t make it, others even bet on it. But the determined beautiful young lady defied all her critics and has come out to be one of the biggest brands in Nollywood.

Watching Uche play bitchy roles in movies and play them to the T, you’d think that there was a bit of her in those roles. But if there’s something Uche isn’t, it is bitchy, except of course the bit that is in every woman, the one Shakespeare was talking about.

‘That’s the beauty of acting’, she says, ‘ I can be anything I want to be and get away with it.’

On locations, she’s the crew’s favourite. A good word for someone here and a smile for another and the thing that Nigerians love best, a tip.

Uche is probably one of the biggest givers I know, and that may be the explanation for her rise and rise in the industry and in life generally.

‘Givers don’t lack, it may seem like such a cliché but it is so true, I have found that the more I give, the more the blessings just keep coming my way.’ She says with that bright smile of hers.

Jombo says she wants to empower everyone around her, I believe God blessed me so that I may bless others. If I sit on my blessings then what’s the point?

Uche has starred in several hit movies namely: Celebrities, Games men play, Girls in the hood, Darkest night, Girls cot and so many others.

‘What you need most is passion, that’s what kept me going. I wanted to act and even when it seemed difficult, I knew it was something I wanted to do so I stayed on it. It’s also important to develop one’s craft; the competition is fierce now particularly for new comers so if you’re coming into Nollywood, you must bring something to the table. Producers are not here to do favours, if you have something they want, they’ll find you. So the question upcoming actors should ask themselves is: how can I make myself stand out? If you’re lucky to get a role, even if it’s one scene, play it like you’re playing the lead and someone will notice you.’

According to Desmond Elliot, the new kid on the directing block, Uche is any director’s delight, She always has her lines, it doesn’t matter when she got the script and she doesn’t spend five hours making up. He adds with a mischievous grin. He also expresses pleasure over her interpretation of roles. ‘She’s good, that one, makes your job real easy.’

Uche Jumbo is presently one of Glo’s ambassadors and has an NGO: Uche Jombo and you geared towards the empowerment of youths in Nigeria. There’s also something that’s in the pipeline that’s making her smile a lot, but she’s not ready to say yet.

Her movie: HOLDING HOPE, co-produced with Desmond Elliot and Emem Isong will be premiering next month. NOLLYWOOD HUSTLERS, where she is executive producer will also be released next month.

On her words to young people looking up to her, Uche quotes Aristotle:

‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit.’

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Literary Yahoo Yahoo.

 A certain Mfonobong Nsehe has been acused of intellectual property theft. It's embarassing, particularly as he is a young Nigerian student studying in Kenya. Why must we always drag the name of our dear country in the mud? See more details here.

So Fidelity bank has lost  Chimamanda Adichie to Farafina Trust. There's no need to be bitter, Fidelity, it's only natural, Farafina published her, promoted her. And the creative workshop idea was hers, she's got every right to pitch her tent else where.

Fidelity still holds its own creative writers workshop in Abuja with Helon Habila. I'm not sure about the choice of Abuja but Artsville wishes them well. Molara wood has more on this.