Monday, 24 August 2009

Ramsey Nouah

It's not what you think.

Absolutely amiable are the first words that come to you when you first meet him. He has no airs. None.
Ramsey Nouah is one of the A-list Nigerian actors. His good looks and suaveness make him a favourite among the women. The screen has the ability to make humans look larger than life, but on set, Ramsey is like the rest of us, eating ordinary food and doing ordinary things. He is also very corporative, doesn’t spend hours arguing with the director or complaining about some irrelevant details as most of the stars are wont to do. Mr. Nouah just gets on with his job.He has a good word for everyone often accompanied with a smile. Ramsey can’t resist music, whenever he hears a tune, he swings to it often causing laughter among the other cast and crew.
Mr. Nouah is so real you completely forget he is a star until the director screams ‘action’ and he transforms into a completely different person depending on the character he is playing.
Ramsey Nouah was born in 1973 and has been in Nollywood for ten years. King of Money (1993) was his first movie. Ramsey has worked hard at his craft and the difference between his first movie and his recent ones are very obvious. He is happily married with kids.
Nouah does not like the press and avoids them as much as he can. However, Shllye Shonoike of WOW magazine succeeded in squeezing a long interview from him. The magazine is on news stands and has a sensational looking Nouah on the cover.


Richinon said...

Hmmm babe. I think Ramsey needs a PR person and YOU girl are that person. Anyway nice to see that someone doesn't allow his fame get into his head. He hasn't forgotten where he came from and that's good

Miz B said...

Yeah, love that Wow magazine cover with him laughing looking so relaxed!

Miz B said...

Infact I love Ramsey! Not in a personal way but in a pin-up-school-girl-crush kinda way! Gushy and from afar! lol!