Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The new Sodom and Gomorrah

I know recently there have been a lot of sex movies in the market but most of them have come from Ghana so I have ignored them. Until yesterday, when I saw the trailer of Dirty Secrets. It's probably all in a bid to sell( I understand these movies are hot in demand) more copies but isn't this stooping a little low? Particularly when popular acts are involved?

Do people actually find these things interesting? I think nudity on the black man looks disgusting.

Surely there must be other ways to get the public attention. We are an African nation please: discretion and moderation being some of our core values. Let us not lose everything that we are for a few wads of naira.

Most families watch Africa Magic in the evenings with their children, never mind that it is 9pm and the movies are rated 18. Makes you remember Frank Oliseh: 'It's 9pm, do you know where your children are'.

Should these movies make it to cable, will our children be watching these soft porn movies? The movies are obviously not censored. There's no way they would get past censors baord with such graphic details.

Below are some of the trailers. As one of my favourite TV characters,John Cage would say, I am troubled.


Myne Whitman said...

Why should nudity on a black man be more disgusting I wonder? I only agree that the movies be censored.

Artsville said...

@ Myne, I don't know o, but for me it is. I can handle Tom cruise and Jolie making out on screen but the thought of Denzel and Halle Berry naked together is already making me uncomfortable. Perhaps cos we share the same skin type.

Unyime-Ivy King said...

I agree that movies should be censored, and yes, all these skin baring porn-sot or hard core-just because we want to sell movies, is not just 'our thing.' We should not copy the western world to the extent of discarding our core values.

Munachi said...

It is truly indeed disgusting my dear. Nollywood was built on pure love stories that was nice and clean to watch with everybody in the family. These days, the new stuff that is coming are really pathetic which shows that their downfall is near. The days of these current nollywood and ghollywood movie makers, actors and actresses are numbered and a serious purging and cleansing is about to happen. All the old dirty actors and actresses like Majid Michel, Geneveive Nnaji (their queen funk and dirt), Ini Edo, etc are at hand, watch my words. The public who have had enough, and I tell you they are out there and they are quite a number, will automatically do it when the time is ripe.