Monday, 20 April 2009

This week on Artsville.....

The thing around your neck.

This month Chimamanda does it again with her new book; The thing around your neck, a collection of short stories. The book is published by fourth estate and is available for purchase online at Amzon.
This month also Emem Isong hits the screen again with Guilty pleasures an intense love story. The movie is produced by Emem Isong and Desmond Elliot and it stars: Ramsey Noah,Mercy Johnson, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Omoni Oboli,Marjid etc.Guilty pleasures is not yet available for purchase but the trailer is making webwaves.



The Bookaholic said...

Nice, really nice!

LoloBloggs said...

Ordered, received and read this book in the space of 4 days. Chimamanda makes it so easy to forget everything else you're doing! All the stories are worth turning into a whole book...I'd highly recommend it!

Artsville said...

Thanks Bookaholic.
Lolobloggs, interesting blogname,I have read most of the stories in the book as well and I think she rocks!. Off to your blog.