Friday, 1 May 2009

And we overcame.

A Nigerian Police station.

Bursting Out!

It's 2am.We are by a poolside. We have been setting up for almost six hours for this scene. The extras are all dressed, the music is ready, the director seems satisfied but just as his is about to shout action, it starts to rain. Heavily. The scene is cancelled. We'll have to do it another day.


The part 1 was shot last year, it was going to remain as a one part film but well wishers in the industry advised against it so we went back for a part two. The church we initially used has been dismantled. We improvise. It's not a high budget film so we film in Surulere and its environs. Not a very good idea as generator sounds are crazy. From 7pm it's almost impossible to shoot. Several times we have to beg the residents to hold out a few more minutes before putting on the heavy machines. Some comply eager to be of help, some think we must be crazy.

In lekki/Ikoyi, almost all the generators are sound proof. So many things divide the island from the mainland and it isn't just water.

Despite the challanges, we finished both shoots. Now I know why they write To God be the Glory as end credit.

'Bursting out' is a romantic comedy. 'Edikan' attempts to redress the issue of child witchcraft in Akwa Ibom state without sounding preachy.

I am happy to have been a part of both productions with such great cast and crew.

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